Home Barista Training Package

Home Barista Training Package

Duration: 4 hours (1 day) Price : 180$

Introduction to Home Espresso:

  • Basic knowledge of espresso machines suitable for home use.
  • Understanding grind size and adjustments for home equipment.

Grinders and how to grindĀ 

Making cold brew and pour overĀ 

Pulling the First Espresso Shot:

  • A step-by-step guide to pulling the perfect espresso shot.
  • Maintaining crema and achieving the right taste.

Iced Lattes and Signature Drinks:

  • Creating iced lattes and experimenting with syrups.
  • Making simple signature drinks at home.

Simple Latte Art and Milk Frothing for Home Baristas:

  • Techniques for frothing milk using home equipment.
  • Using oat milk, and almond milk, and creating cold foam.
  1. Choosing the Right Equipment:
  • Recommendations for essential barista tools and machines for home use.