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Yemen Mountains Coffee -Yemeni Roast بن يمني مطحون

Yemen Mountains Coffee -Yemeni Roast بن يمني مطحون

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a premium selection of coffee beans from 3000 meters above the sea level from the high mountains of Yemen with a big flavor for a cup and very nice aroma along with the taste

-hand selected coffee beans from high elevation mountain coffee farms

-organic and certified 100% local sources in yemen

-roasted by the pro's to perfection with two roasting options

-can be used to make coffee by the regular coffee machine or by the tea pot or by the dripper

-multi tastes notes differs between chocolatey mild to chocolatey strong with a hint of acidity in both roasts.

-packed by the professional at our company.

-added valve to protect the flavor and tin tie to save the rest for later use

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